What's your shade of spring?

From poppy red statements to make bold plans blossom, to rays of yellow sunshine for optimistic list-making to relaxing blue hues to inspire calm while you schedule your busy life, whatever your shade of spring, we have the colour for you!


For the Optimist

Carry sunshine with you all day long with the brand new ‘Hello Sunshine’ Notebook; its bright faux leather cover perfect for bringing an energetic, optimistic approach to meetings and to life in general. With beautiful blue edges and shimmering gold stickers to brighten up your scribbles, thoughts and to do lists, this little charmer will keep a smile on your face. And with splashes of yellow to be found throughout our fresh, SS19 collections, the eternal optimist will find their glass more than half full!

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For the Calm

Midnight Blues and Golds will bring the calm of a twinkling, summer night to every day organising; the perfect, peaceful companion for a chaotic schedule. Blues are known to inspire creativity, to bring relaxation and to make us feel safe. Bring a little quiet with our bestselling ‘Shhhh’ Password book, a sense of calm to an academic schedule with the Day a Page Mid-Year Diary or a bit of sparkle with a stripy Busy Life Notebook. Namaste!

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For Feminine Flair

Soft pastel shades are a classic, timeless choice that provide the perfect canvas to plan and organise your life. We’ve spiced up nudes and soft pinks with sparkling gold finishes; glitter sprinkled across faux nude covers and the inner pages of a pretty Address Book to keep for life. Fresh in for spring, these lovely designs also add feminine flair to work or home, reminding us to keep on sparkling, no matter how busy life gets.

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For the Bold of Heart

One of the most popular shades this spring, red is not to be ignored! Blooming in bright, poppy shades, our brand new red notebooks and diaries are made to make you blossom, bringing all those plans and dreams into fruition. Whether or not your life feels rosy right now, it sure will be once you put your plans into action. Here’s to the bold of heart and to not apologising for big dreams and bold plans!

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