Get Holiday Ready: 5 Tips for Organising your Summer Travels

Holiday season is finally upon us. Heading off somewhere special? Lucky you! It’s time to take some well-deserved rest from your busy schedule and start getting organised for your summer travels.

We’re so excited to share our travelling tips to ensure your holiday is beautiful, calm and most importantly – organised! Whether you’re bustling around on a cultural city break or relaxing by the pool on a tropical getaway, we have what you need to ensure smooth sailing from A to B. Bon voyage!

Essential Documents

First up is arguably the most important thing to organise when travelling – your documents! Passports, boarding passes and any other necessary papers are essential to remember when jetting off. But it can be a bit overwhelming trying to keep everything in one place, especially if you’re travelling as a family. That’s where our Travel Wallets come in!

Our Individual Travel Wallet has space for your passport and boarding pass, with a slot for your credit cards and a handy zipped section to ensure you’ll be perfectly prepared for lift-off.

The Family Travel Wallet is your cool, calm and collected solution to family holidays. With room for documents, boarding cards and passports for up to six people, plus an internal zip section, this smart wallet is perfect for stress-free travelling. Brilliant thinking!

Organise the Toiletries

Nobody likes frantically fitting your favourite products into a tiny zip-lock bag at the last minute. That’s why it’s best to organise your toiletries before-hand. Our In-Flight Pouch features a built-in gusset that enables bottles and tubes to stand upright. With its easy zip-up design, you’ll stay super stylish for every stage of the journey. Who says airport security should be a fashion-free zone?

Find your Suitcase

There is nothing more exciting than walking off the airplane into a new adventure. But first – your luggage! Recognise your belongings instantly and get your adventure started with our gorgeous Luggage Tags. To make sure nothing gets lost on the way, they feature a pull-out address card, a big tag for your suitcase and a small one for your hand luggage. Perfect for the splendidly stylish traveler – i.e., you!

Manage your Money

Forever fiddling with different currencies on holiday? Say no more! Organising your travel money allows you to keep track of your spending. Our Currency Purse has two zipped pockets for separating your currencies, plus a handy pocket for your passport, tickets and other essentials. How handy is that!

Plan your Travels

Our last tip is to always plan and document your travels – past, present and future. To help you, we have our Travel Planner. This clever book has information on pre-trip planning, space for notes and pockets for while you’re away. It also makes a beautiful memory and reference book when you return home. With enough sections for up to twelve trips, it will become the ultimate companion for all your life’s adventures.

Make your holiday unforgettable and travel in style this summer with Busy B.


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