Back to School Tips

It’s that time of year again – back to school! If you’re a school, college or university student who is preparing for the start of a new term, here are some of our favourite tips to help the academic year run smoothly and to assist you in achieving your goals.  

Create a timetable 

Help yourself stay beautifully organised throughout the year by creating a weekly timetable with our Weekly Planner Pad. Add any classes, hobbies, plans and even part-time work you have to your timetable. Once you’ve completed this step, you can plan time for studying into your schedule. This will help you keep on top of your studies.  

A navy Weekly Planner Pad sitting on a white desk. There are pens, a keyboard, a pink cup and saucer and a white vase of white flowers also sitting on the desk.

Study a little bit every day 

We know it can sometimes be hard to motivate yourself to study. From experience, we suggest studying a little bit every day so when it comes to assessment time, there is no need to cram all your revision into a short period of time. Or, if you’ve got a piece of coursework coming up, try breaking the task down and setting yourself a small goal each day. This will help you stay motivated and will make the assignment seem less overwhelming. 

Get your stationery prepared 

We’re biased but there is nothing like a new set of stationery to get you excited about going back to school. Picking a new mid year diary, notebooks and pens is our favourite back-to-school task. For something compact that is perfect for popping in your bag, check out our best-selling Mid Year A6 To Do Diary. Or our dual-schedule Mid Year Busy Life Diary is perfect if you have a busy life outside of your education – plus, it comes in three gorgeous colour options!  

A person holding a Busy B navy Mid Year A6 To Diary and a pale blue Day a Page Diary.

Make new friends 

Making new friends isn’t always easy but it’s a great way to help you settle into school, college or university. If you’re not sure how to approach people, why not suggest forming a study group? This is a good way of meeting your peers and studying for your course at the same time. Or another fun way of making friends is to try out some of the sports teams or societies at your school. It’s a great method of meeting people who have similar interests to you. 

Don’t let a bad grade put you down 

Getting a bad grade can be disheartening but we think using it as motivation for studying for your next assessment is the best way to move forward from it. If you’re not sure why you got a lower grade than expected, why not ask your teacher or lecturer how you can do better next time? This can help you focus your revision on the topics you need to improve on. We know you’ll do great next time! 

A student desk setup featuring Busy B products such as the Mid Year Calendar, Mid Year A6 To Do Diary and Weekly Planner Pad.

Ask for help 

If you feel like you’re struggling with anything, be it something in your class, finding your way around the building or anything else, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your teachers, lecturers or tutors. They’re there to help and make sure you feel comfortable. 

We hope these back to school tips help you thrive and succeed this academic year. For more tips on how to stay beautifully organised, make sure to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter.