Throwing a baby shower and don’t know where to start? Check out our tips below from Lifestyle Journalist Gwen Lewis. Her creative ideas are sure to give you (baby) food for thought!
Baby showers have evolved through the years. While in the past celebrations were reserved for the first baby, today couples may have a shower welcoming each new addition. Gone, too, is the conservative menu of cake and finger sandwiches…and the ladies-only guest list. Today’s showers include friends, family and loved ones regardless of their gender.

When planning a modern baby shower, creativity inspires the celebration. Hosts can now choose themes for the event (Star Wars, Noah’s Ark…even literature), include wacky (and sometimes laughingly gross) games for party prizes that inspire Gif-worthy social media posts. And the menu can range from food trucks, buffets, a home barbeque…or even just a dessert bar! Traditional baby showers are still perfectly acceptable, but throwing a shower that incorporates the personality of the couple elevates the event. Look to the guests of honour when planning an event to welcome their newest addition. Get ready for baby shower shenanigans, and check out this list of must-have ideas when celebrating the imminent arrival of a couple’s greatest expectation:

Who Makes the List?
Hosts need to decide if the shower will include just the ladies, the gentlemen…or everyone. If the shower is a surprise, this is going to be your call as the host. If the couple knows about the shower, ask if they have a preference about the guest list. Do they want a couple’s shower? Or does mum want the event to be just for the ladies? Or does dad want just men?

Theme It
For couples who are opting for a gender mixed celebration, hosts should consider themes that appeal to the entire crowd. Themes are a bit easier if the couple knows the baby’s gender. But, still, the theme doesn’t have to revolve around pink versus blue. Choose a fun theme like Super Heroes or Star Wars…or go for the couple’s loves and passions. Incorporate sports or the arts. You also can completely skip a theme…this isn’t a requirement so don’t stress!

Fantastic Foods
The menu can get a little tricky for pregnant women. Opt for a menu that provides variety; buffets give everyone an option. Or you can even host a few food trucks. Some venues may even offer catering services. One of my baby showers featured just desserts. The dessert menu offered some of my favourite and my husband’s favourite desserts and candy (including M&Ms, sandwich cookies, lemon cake and chocolate galore!)…and it was awesome!

Game On
The best baby shower games are completely tongue in cheek. One of my favourites…identifying baby food in the nappy! Gross? Oh, yes! Fun and tricky? Absolutely. There also is the taste test game where everyone has to identify (through tasting) each baby food. The Nappy Dash requires couples to team up and race to see who can put a nappy on a doll the fastest. For traditionalists, you can also play Baby Bingo.

Like most traditions, baby showers have evolved through the generations. Today, a baby shower can be traditional and conservative or a completely crazy celebration. Whether a shower includes all genders or aims for a gender-specific guest list, the shower should be a reflection of the couple’s personalities and style. Have fun with planning and create an event that welcomes the new addition with perfect personality and style!

This post was written by Lifestyle Journalist Gwen Lewis. You can follow her on Twitter at: @GwenEveLewis