Planning a wedding can be the most exciting but stressful project you’ll ever manage in your life so it’s important to keep yourself beautifully organised to enjoy all of the planning! Recent bride and popular vlogger, Katie, from Katie and Baby, tied the knot in September 2016, and after using the Busy B Wedding Planner, has collated her top tips for remaining calm under pressure during the planning process, and on the big day itself!

Hi everyone! Here are my top tips for wedding organisation, I hope you find them useful! Follow me over on my YouTube channel for more wedding planning advice and baby videos:

1. Get organised! My Busy B Wedding Planner was my everything, I took it to all my appointments, wedding shows, etc. It really was the best thing I owned, when planning our wedding it was like my little bible.

2. Take your time! We had a whole year to plan our wedding which, in my opinion, was the perfect amount of time, it was less stressful and also gave us the chance to pay off the suppliers without struggling.

3. You can’t please everyone! The guest list was the most challenging part of planning our wedding, but we decided to not stress about it too much and at the end of the day it’s OUR big day.

4. Research! Get lots of quotes from local suppliers, you would be surprised at the price differences.

5. Get the bridesmaids involved! Let them arrange the hen do, get them to participate in DIYs and wedding jobs.

6. Make lists! I had so many lists while planning the wedding and it feels so good to tick the jobs off when completed.

7. Don’t stress about the little things! Try not to stress about the little things too close to the wedding and enjoy your big day, things might go wrong but you will not even realise.

8. Make sure you eat! The wedding day flies by and the nerves kick in, eating is probably the last thing on your mind but it’s so important to fill your stomach with something so the bubbles won’t go to your head!

9. Make time for each other! It’s hard to actually soak up everything on the wedding day, take ten minutes out just you and the groom to connect and enjoy this special day.

10. Emergency bag! Pack a little bag for the day/evening time with some mints, hair spray, lipgloss, perfume, etc. as it’s easy to forget these things.

So there you go, my top wedding planning tips. Have you planned a wedding or are you starting to plan a wedding? What are your top tips?

Katie’s YouTube channel, Katie and Baby, is full of great videos on wedding planning, being a mum, and pregnancy, after recently announcing she’s expecting for the second time!

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