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Is tech better than paper?

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 15:32:31 Europe/London

Has paper been pipped by iPads?
At Busy B we think there are plenty of reasons why paper is better than digital technology – and here's our top 5:

1. Scribbling a quick list
Image: www.writeawaywithme.com
You know we love writing out lists to get organised here at Busy B and nothing beats the quickness of being able to scribble down the bits and bobs you need to get done by the end of the day!

2. Writing out lists helps to embed important stuff in your memory
Typing a list out can be done super quickly on your tablet or laptop, but you may be doing it so speedily, that you don’t actually having much time to think about it properly. By writing a list out, you are taking the time to process it and absorb as you write, which means more chance of remembering. Hurrah!

3. Paper can’t disappear!
We’ve all had it happen to us, when you’ve been working on a document on your laptop for what feels like months on end and then it disappears. Gone. Not in existence. Nowhere to be found. VERY painful. No such problem with the wonder that is paper…unless the dog eats it!

4. Paper doesn’t need charged
Picture this: You’ve been shopping and bought all of the ingredients for that super-duper recipe that you favourited on your IPad last night. You ARE going to be the next Nigella and you’re family ARE going to love it. However, your IPad is out of charge and you can’t remember where you found the recipe…you’re time as Nigella has come to an end before it even begun…

5. And lastly…The one thing that technology will NEVER be able to do… This clever advert from French toilet paper company ‘Le Trefle’ sums up our point perfectly!

Of course, technology has lots of fabulous qualities too, but as we’re in the world of stationery, we’re going to keep hold of our To Do Notes, Busy Life Diaries and Family Calendars and sail off in to the sunset for some organised bliss!

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posted on Tuesday, 21 October 2014 09:59:52 Europe/London
I loved your post.
I have my planner just right by my side. While reading your post I glanced at it and smiled.

Josephine miller

posted on Wednesday, 24 September 2014 09:00:40 Europe/London
Love the youtube video...I also love paper! couldn't live without it...digital can only go so far!! Keep making your pretty products please :-)

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