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Spring is in the air!

Thursday, 6 March 2014 16:14:59 Europe/London

Spring into Spring organising!

We know how satisfying it is to get your home in order and Spring is the perfect time to clear out and renew for the year ahead.
We quizzed Kerri, our MD, about her favourite Busy B products – the ones that really keep her kitchen organised!

“I honestly do love using the products we design and with a busy work life and 3 children my kitchen is quite a busy place! A lot of the ideas for our products come from a genuine need for ‘tools’ that help keep things organised. Staying on top of all the lists, reminders and bits of paper (that arrive daily in school bags and in the mail) is no mean feat! I have suggested many product ideas over the years, some I even ‘mock up’ at home, try using and testing myself and then I bring my home made ‘creations’ into the studio to be properly developed and made beautiful! So it’s no real surprise that I genuinely love using the finished article!"

"I have a kitchen drawer with all our day to day stationery in it, envelopes, leaflets, pencil cases (for homework!) and I always have our address book, kitchen labels and To Do notes in there.

I love the To Do Notes for double lists, I always have more than one on the go,what busy mum doesn’t? Our super cute labels disappear a lot, loved by all the family I don’t think the kids can resist them and I often find them stuck to all sorts of things they shouldn’t be… a bit frustrating when I need them, but a compliment to our designers all the same."

"My family Calendar takes pride of place on the back of the kitchen door and my husband and I put absolutely everything on it. It’s the key to knowing where everyone has to be when! And the pockets are stuffed to capacity with invites, letters, school info and the odd bill – just to remind me to pay it!

My other favourites are our magnetic to do lists and the magnetic pen – I always know where they are when I need them and the pen is a life saver, high enough up on the magnetic board that the kids can’t steal it!!"

Best wishes.

The Busy B Team x

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