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Get organised and enjoy a little Christmas crafting…

Thursday, 20 November 2014 14:41:43 Europe/London

Get organised and enjoy a little Christmas crafting…

I always think it’s really lovely to make something handmade with the kids to either decorate the house or give as a gift at Christmas.

Often my idea of sitting merrily around the Kitchen table with a hot chocolate in one hand and glitter in the other making lovely Christmas decorations ends us as a fractious few hours of spilled glitter, the wrong type of craft materials and bickering siblings!

However I still do it every year and sometimes we even end up with something that is really cute and we’ll put it up for many years to come and smile.

I’ve learnt the secret seems to be to have all the right materials organised in advance.
Pop a quick trip to Hobbycraft in your Busy Life Diary before the end of the month and you’ll be all set!

Our efforts last year to make homemade Christmas bunting for above the fireplace was commented on (positively!) by a few visitors so I thought I’d share the technique with you. The results look something like this…

It’s an easy thing to make and allowed my children to be creative in their own ways. In fact, their grandmother liked our efforts so much we had to do a 2nd sitting to create one for her as well!

Buy sheets of felt in different colours, a long piece of ribbon and the right glue (crucial to making it stress free, lots of glues don't stick felt) It’s easy to get all the components needed in one click or trip to Hobbycraft

I cut out the bunting flags into long diamond shapes in different colours then let the kids create their own little Christmas design on one half.
We had a tree, star, Christmas pudding, snowman, candy cane and my daughter created a very sweet red nose reindeer.

Then I simply folded and glued the flags on to the ribbon and hung above the fireplace (sew the bunting on for a professional look!). The flags can be moved closer together or apart depending on the space.

This year we decided to make a decoration at very short notice with a few of their friends.

This one only requires white A4 printer paper, scissors and sellotape. It’s a very simple, clever concept. It takes a bit of time but looks fantastic hanging in the hall already.

It’s festive but easy to put up a few weeks before you tackle the main tree!

Here’s a link to make one.

Happy crafting!
Kerri x

Some other fun Christmas ideas to make with the kids this Christmas...

1. Snowman Ice cream Sunday (www.cleanandscentsible.com)
2. Cute wrap (www.burlapandblue.com)
3. Christmas pine cone elves (www.movitabeaucoup.com)
4. Reindeer Hamma Bead decorations (www.boligcious.com)

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