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Behind the Scenes with Sarah from Busy B

Tuesday, 4 April 2017 10:38:00 Europe/London

Behind the Scenes with Sarah - our Sales Executive!

Welcome to the next blog from the Behind the Scenes series. This time we're looking in to a day-in-the-life of Sarah!

What is your name?

What is your job title?
Sales Executive

What is a day in the life of a Sales Executive like?
A typical day for me will start with a run-through my emails to check what needs to be actioned first. I often come in to trade customer orders, customer new line forms or general product queries. I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to responding to emails – there’s nothing worse than not getting a response when you require some answers! My main role at Busy B is to liaise with a number of our trade customers, ensuring that they are kept up to date with all of the latest products and ranges at Busy B. I deal with a number of different accounts from garden centre groups to multiple retailers. Each customer has different requirements with regards to the types of products that they are looking for, how they would like to display them and how they need them to be delivered, so all need attention to detail.

Depending on the time of year, I can also be found on our stand at trade shows such as Spring Fair, London Stationery Show & Harrogate Home & Gift!

We are a small (and growing!) team, which means I also have to be on hand to answer the phone in the Busy B office from time to time – so if you call us, you may well speak to me!

However, some may say my most important role is thinking of office party games, but the less said about them the better!

What item is at the top of your to do list today?
Preparing the agenda for our annual “agent sales day”. We have sales agents all over the United Kingdom that call in to independent shops to present our products – you may have been lucky enough to meet one of them! The agents will be coming to visit us at our office in Edinburgh to view the new Autumn Winter 2017 ranges, have a chat about how things are going generally, as well as getting a very early sneak peek at our product ideas for next year!

What is your favourite Busy B product and why?
I’m lucky to work for a company that designs and produces so many beautiful products! However, my absolute favourite is the To Do Diary. No matter what happens with technology, I don’t think I could ever live without a paper diary! The To Do Diary is great because you can schedule at one side of the page and then write notes at the other. Not to mention the very handy pen loop!

If you were an item of stationery what would you be?
I’d have to be a notebook. No matter what happens, there is always a place for a notebook in people lives! Whether it’s for jotting down shopping lists, to do lists or doodling, you can always rely on a notebook to help you with your day!

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