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Top tips for cooking & kitchen organisation

Tuesday, 20 October 2015 14:06:29 Europe/London

Top tips for cooking & kitchen organisation

Hi there, I’m Imogen from www.imogenscribbles.co.uk, a lifestyle and baking blog. I’m a fourth and final year student in Leeds and I love all things food.

Being organised in the kitchen is something we tend to gloss over a lot, but have you ever thought about how much of a difference it could make to your cooking? I’m talking less overcooking, less undercooking and less money spent because you’ll be able to budget a lot easier. I personally find that being organised is absolutely essential to someone who wants to bake or cook well, and especially those who are on a budget, and so I’ve put together some of my top organisation tips for making cooking easier:

1. Pick out a pretty recipe file
These things are great if you’re like me and you use a lot of recipes online. I am constantly googling things on the spot and then I have the hassle of dragging my laptop all the way downstairs and trying not to get it messy. Maybe I’m just lazy, but if I didn’t have my adorable recipe file from Busy B then I’d have printouts scattered everywhere and would forget every great recipe I’ve ever found online.

2. Get yourself a meal planner
I’m sure you don’t need someone to tell you that planning your meals will make it a lot easier to budget well, but a cute meal planner that can sit on the side by the door will certainly help.

3. Write your timings down
It might help to have a notebook at the ready in the kitchen, that way you can plan big meals like roast dinners and update as you go along.

4. Get a timer
Such a simple, obvious thing and yet so easy to forget about. The trouble with using a phone is that you won’t necessarily always have it on you when you’re in the kitchen. Make life easier by having one at the ready right next to your cooking area.

5. Display your cookbooks
There are so many amazing cookbooks out there, and so much competition these days that they have to have an amazing front cover as well as some incredible recipes. Use them to decorate your kitchen and have them at the ready for friends to flick through when they’re over.

6. Download some cooking apps
My favourites are Yummly and Sorted Food. I am obsessed with Sorted Food’s YouTube channel, and Yummly seems to have the most amazing selection of recipes anyone could ever hope for.

7. Labels!
It’s so easy not to bother with these, but labels are fantastic for anything that you’re freezing. Sometimes it’ll be easy to write on your freezer bags or boxes but other times you’ll be thankful for some handy labels!

8. Have an endless supply of tea towels.
Because they get dirty so, so quickly and you will feel like sticking one in the wash every single day.

So there are several of my top tips for kitchen organisation. What are yours? Are you an organised cook, or do you just go with the flow?

Imogen x

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