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Starting University Top Tips

Starting university for the first time? We’ve got some helpful tips to make sure you stay ahead of the game this semester whilst still having a good time!

Moving In & Fresher’s Week

Move-in day can be quite daunting but it can also be lots of fun. When you move into your student accommodation, why not leave your bedroom door open so your new flatmates feel welcome to come and chat.

If your university hosts a Fresher’s Fair, why not go along and see if there are any sports teams or societies you can join. This a great way to meet new people and make friends.

Begin Budgeting

When you arrive at university it’s a good idea to spend some time organising your finances. If it’s the right choice for you, open a student bank account as you often are rewarded with perks such as railcards or gift cards. Find out more about student bank accounts here

Keep track of your income and outgoings so you can see how much you’re spending each week. When creating your budget, consider things like; rent, utility bills, transport costs, TV license etc. and always budget for fun activities too. Why not use our Budget Book or a spending app? This way, you’ll know if you need to add to your income by getting a part-time job or cut down on your spending. 

When making a purchase, ask if the company offers a student discount – every penny counts! These methods will hopefully allow you to live more comfortably and be less worried about money whilst you’re studying.

Create a Timetable

Manage your workload by creating a weekly timetable. Write it down somewhere you’ll always be reminded of it, e.g. in your diary or on a Weekly Planner Pad. This way you’ll always have allocated time slots for working on different modules so that when it comes to exam time you’ll be really organised and won’t have left everything to the last minute. Don’t forget to plan in breaks too!

Plan out your study timetable with the Weekly Planner Pad

Learn to Cook Before Moving In

Eating a balanced diet is good for your mental health as well as your physical health. Try taking some time before you move out to master some healthy student meals such as spaghetti bolognese, stir fry or chilli? These meals are easy to batch cook and put in the fridge or freezer so you can save some for later. Plus, making meals from scratch is much cheaper than buying takeaways or unhealthy oven meals and will boost your mood.

Before you go to uni add your family’s favourite recipes to our Recipe File and bring it with you. That way, you’ll always feel like you’ve had a home-cooked meal even if you are feeling a little bit homesick.

Recipe File sitting on a countertop beside a meal planner and a jar of overnight oats.

Ask for Help

If you’re needing help with your coursework, make sure to ask your tutors or lecturers for help. That’s what they’re there for. Another good idea is to create a study group with some of your coursemates. You can quiz each other and discuss topics from your subjects. Why not use Study Cards?

If you’re struggling with anything else at uni, make sure to get in touch with your Student Association to find out what services they can offer to help you. 

We hope these tips help make your first year at uni fun and organised!