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As World Kindness Day is the 3rd of November, the Busy B team thought it might be helpful to share some ways to be kinder to yourself. We all appreciate being on the receiving end of kindness, however, how often are you receiving it from yourself?

What is self-kindness? Self-kindness is when you develop feelings of care and comfort towards yourself. It also helps you to understand and accept your flaws. Additionally, it is a method of creating techniques to support yourself when you fail or are suffering.

Why should you be kind to yourself? Being kind to yourself every day is one of the best things that you can do to help to keep your mind and body strong and healthy. Sounds great, right?

How do you practise self-kindness? We have 5 simple ways that will help you be kinder to yourself and encourage you to not be too harsh on yourself in tricky situations. Check them out below!


Now and again it’s okay to say no to social gatherings if you feel like you just need some precious time to yourself to relax on the sofa in your pyjamas with a face mask on.

It’s important to put yourself and your wellbeing first sometimes and do what is best for you. Politely decline the invitation and take some well-deserved me-time – you can always go next time!


We all make mistakes now and again and we know it can be hard to let these go. Learn to forgive yourself as it isn’t productive to criticise your own slip-ups and won’t help to resolve the situation.

Instead of focusing on the downfall and thinking negatively about yourself, why not remind yourself of your successes in the past and concentrate on rectifying the mistake? By doing so, you’ll give yourself a boost and hopefully stop yourself from making the same mistakes in the future. In time, you might even help a friend to make the right decision when faced with the same dilemma.


Comparing yourself to others is one of the easiest ways to make yourself feel bad. People on social media, TV or even at work may appear to be leading beautiful lives, however, you have to remember that you’re only seeing a part of the whole picture. They may even be feeling the same way as you! Make sure you are focusing on you as you’re not in competition with anyone else.

If you feel that social media is encouraging you to compare yourself to others, why not take a break from it? Spend the time doing something that will make you feel good about yourself like going to a gym class, practising mindfulness or spending time with family or friends.


Be kinder to yourself every day by looking after your mind and body. Making sure that your mind is healthy, as well as your body, is such an important part of your self-care. Some simple ways to look after yourself are:

• Eating healthily

• Exercising regularly

• Getting 8 hours sleep at night

• Taking time to relax e.g. have a bath, reading a good book or writing in a mindfulness journal

• If you can, spend a bit of time outside every day


Get out of your comfort zone and test out a new activity or sport. To begin with, it may be difficult, but it will be rewarding. Learning a new skill will develop your confidence and maybe even your creativity. This could be helpful in other parts of your life such as at work or in family life.

You may not like it at the beginning but your future self may be grateful to you for trying something new!

Hopefully, these tips will help in showing you how to practise self-kindness so you can fully appreciate your own self.

Happy World Kindness Day!