Whether you’re a to-do list amateur or pro, we’re sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing more satisfying than ticking items off your to-do list? But what if you’re struggling to get those items ticked off, or can’t even begin to write your list? Don’t panic, we’ve got just the tips for you to keep you beautifully organised and productive.

1. Invest in some gorgeous stationery
We might be slightly biased, but doesn’t having a cute notepad and some sticky labels make list making so much more exciting? Who wants to tick tasks off of an A4 plain notepad? Not us!

2. Tackle the most daunting task first
Everyone has that one item on their to-do list that makes its way from one rewritten list to the next. Our advice? Grin and bear it and get it done first. The sense of feel-good when you finally get to put a huge tick next to that monster task sets you up for ticking off many more, so go for it!

3. Keep your list somewhere accessible
Guilty of jotting down reminders on the back of random bits of paper? Then make sure you’ve got a list pad in your handbag to keep all those notes in one place. Whether you want to store your list on your desk, fridge or in your handbag, we’ve got you covered with pads with magnetic backs or a handy pen loop for when you’re out and about! Choose from a pretty selection of list pads here.

4. Never start the day on a half-ticked list
Checking your list in the morning and realising you didn’t finish half of what you aimed to do yesterday can be really de-motivating. Scrap your old list the night before and write yourself a new one. No excuses needed to use your lovely notepad again right?

5. Break it down
There’s no point setting yourself tasks like “clean the kitchen” which could take you hours to gain one little tick off your list. Instead, try breaking your list into more manageable chunks such as “put washing away”, “load dishwasher” and “sweep and mop floor”. That way, you can keep focused on what you want to achieve, as well as getting the satisfaction of ticking off lots of items!

We hope these tips have given you some inspiration in getting your to-do list done. Do you have any other handy hints for fellow list writers?