The Academic Diaries are packed full of “oh so clever” features to keep you on track throughout the year. Follow our tips for making the most of your mid-year planner.

Choose your style
Are you dotty for spots or maybe you fancy some floral? This year Busy B have two different styles on offer, so pick your favourite and let’s crack on …

Fill in the essentials
Ever panicked that you’d never see your diary again if you lost it? Don’t fear, there’s plenty of space to fill in those personal details in the front of your diary so you can be reunited if the worst did ever happen, phew!

Whether you’re a student, teacher, parent or regular busy b, you’re bound to have a handful of important dates to remember – don’t forget exam or term dates! Students take note, there’s even a timetable section to write up your classes, genius!

Of course there’s also the birthdays of family and friends to remember too so better pop them in now so as not to forget.

Add Mini Sticky Notes
The Academic Diary is cleverly designed with a slot at the back to fit in a pack of Mini Sticky Notes. Choose the floral stripes design to match the floral diary or the bunting design to match the dots, or break the trend and mix and match! It’s up to you but these handy stickies are super useful for marking pages and jotting down reminders.

Last but not least … personalise!
Adding some colour and fun to your diary can make scheduling in those gruelling revision classes a bit more enjoyable. Use stickers, washi tape, page markers, sticky notes, whatever you like and get decorating!

Which diary is your favourite? How will you fill in yours?