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Have you left your new year’s resolutions behind in January? Struggling to keep up with them? Don’t panic, Busy B can help you keep on track and keep you beautifully organised in the process, here’s how:

Write it down!
Getting frustrated at your results? Write things down, maybe you went for an hour-long walk, ate a fantastically healthy dinner, or spent some quality time with your loved ones. Whatever it may be, take a note of it. It’s much easier to track progress when you have actual evidence in front of you. The Busy B A5 Notebook is great for this as it even comes with a handy pocket in the back, perfect for mementos, recipes and whatnot!

Reassess and set yourself short-term goals
If you’ve gone all-guns-blazing in to a new fitness regime to reach that dream dress size, and have left yourself gasping for breath after the first week, then perhaps you need to slow down and set some shorter-term goals. The excitement of reaching your goal quickly can often be matched with disappointment, when after the first month, you don’t feel any further forward. How to avoid the despair and keep on track? Set yourself shorter, more manageable goals with the SMART technique, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. This way, you’ll be able to track your progress and feel like you’re really achieving something along the way!

Schedule time
Want to cook healthy meals? Spend more time with your loved ones? Or maybe just have more me-time? Then make sure you schedule in time here and there within your week to make it happen. Try using a planner like the Busy B Weekly Planner Pad and pop it on your fridge with the handy magnets, making it visible for everyone to see and to hold yourself accountable to it.

Plan your budgets!
Whether you’re trying to save for something big or just trying to trim the day-to-day spend, the Busy B Budget Book can help you keep on track and identify where the pennies are going! The pockets for receipts and sections for Christmas and holidays make it even simpler to monitor your spend.

Get organised in the kitchen
Planning your meals in advance means no last minute dash to the shops, less time wasted deciding what to cook, and more efficient use of ingredients so less food waste too! The Busy B Meal Planner has one pad to plan your meals for the week and one for your shopping list, it even comes with handy magnets to pop your plan on the fridge – there’s no excuse after that! Getting bored of your new diet plan or struggling to keep on top of all those great recipes you come across? Pop them in to a Busy B Recipe File for easy access next time you’re looking for a tasty meal. The built-in stand means that you can use the file easily in the kitchen too so no need to faff around for a recipe book stand or get your recipe covered in food!

Celebrate little victories
Most importantly, celebrate your successes! Whether you lost a pound, went for a swim, or spent an afternoon reading a book, make sure you take the time to celebrate your success, and if that means buying yourself a bunch of flowers then so be it!