Behind the Scenes – Lynn from Design

This new feature from Busy B will give you an insight in to the day-to-day workings of a busy little stationery company from Scotland. Enjoy your sneak peek!

What’s your name?
Lynn McGarry

What is your job title?

What is a day in the life of a designer like?
No two days are the same! I usually kick off the day with a cup of tea, then get straight into my to do list for the day! Scheduling and deadlines are crucial for getting a product from concept to shelf. Then depending where we are in the product development process creative tasks would include colour study, pattern and illustration development, material and product specification and packaging concepts, to name a few. Research and inspiration trips are also very important so every now and again I go with the team to visit the high street and our major retailers. It’s so interesting to see what other designers are doing and how our products look on the shelf!

What is your favourite Busy B product and why?
I love the new Fashion range, I would say my favourite is the travel wallet. Stylish on the outside and pretty inside. I use this to keep me organised whenever I travel.

If you were an item of stationery what would you be?
A pen because I am a compulsive doodler!