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Have you ever noticed how peaceful, tranquil and calm the early hours are? You wake up, go out for an early morning stroll and it feels like it’s only you and the sunrise in this big wide world. Those early morning hours truly feel magical and are a great time to actually get things done. The early morning hours are known as ‘the golden hours’ for a reason; they offer a huge deal of peace and quiet, they give you ‘me-time’ because hardly anyone else is awake and finally, the early hours give you more time to prepare and plan which can save you a lot of stress and hassle.

We are all guilty of hitting the snooze button and saying ‘just five more minutes!’ Although it can feel good in the short term to stay in your warm cosy bed, it probably won’t leave you feeling invigorated or full of beans to face the day ahead. I always find that after having a lie-in, I’m usually left feeling groggy, in the need of more sleep and often feel that I’ve ended up wasting my morning when I could have been really productive ticking off things on my to-do list and achieving my goals.

So how can we wake up earlier to have a productive morning? I think the key is all in the preparation and intention. Although it can seem hard at first, waking up earlier than normal, even 10 minutes before your alarm goes off, can make a whole world of difference to how you tackle the day ahead. Here are my handy hints and tips on how to properly wake up in the morning and have a productive day.


Before getting in bed, roughly plan what you want to do or achieve the following day. Writing things down is not only therapeutic, it also feels as if you letting go which helps take your mind off of things – helpful before going to bed!


Like with most things, going cold turkey will most likely result in failure (but if you have the willpower, then great!) but for me personally, I need to start things slow and then gradually build up. Start slow by waking up 10 minutes earlier than usual for a couple of days and then slowly increase it week by week


Once you’re out of bed, you’re less likely to go back to sleep so set your alarm and place it somewhere far so you have to get out of bed to switch it off


What would make you jump out of bed in the morning? Coffee? A large breakfast? Reading? Tea? Blogging? Whatever it is, incorporate it into your morning routine; that way, you will have something to look forward to every morning


Who doesn’t like blasting out music and having a good boogie? Compile a positive and uplifting playlist that will not only lift your mood but get you moving. Getting physical in the morning, whether that’s a karaoke and dancing sesh in your bedroom, the gym or walking to work, will shake away any aches and pains, get your blood pumping and have you feeling energised and ready for the day ahead


I’m sure a lot of us associate early morning starts with grogginess, tiredness, yawning, copious amounts of carbs and caffeine and just general yuckiness but this shouldn’t be the case. Change your mindset. See mornings as something to look forward to and think about all the potential things that you can achieve

The way you wake up in the morning usually sets the tone for the rest of your day so be mindful about the choices you make in the morning. If you find something isn’t working for you, change it. It’s all about trial and error and what will benefit you in the long term.

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