After 15 fantastic years as K TWO, (which I started in my spare bedroom, aged 25) we rebranded the whole company to Busy B in January 2014. Since then things have really fallen into place and our new name, new looks and ranges are growing. It’s been an exciting, but nail biting time this last year to see if Busy B would be liked by our customers. Thankfully it seems to have gone down a storm.

We always knew we had good product ideas and the feedback we received on how useful and helpful our clever features were was always so rewarding but we never felt we had a recognisable personality for the brand. That’s what we wanted to achieve with Busy B, that we were friendly and what we do came across in an engaging way. We really are all focused on designing clever solutions that will help our busy customers get more beautifully organised, and as a product designer and busy mother of 3 I am the perfect target for our products.

Everyone is packed with stylish details and ingenious features so whether you are stuffing take away menus into our Menu file or managing work and home in our dual week to view Diary we hope you love using the Busy B’s designs.

The feedback on our change to Busy B has ranged from ‘Busy B, Baby B, Bride to B…that’s sooo clever’ to ‘I completely regognise your products now in stores’ and ‘ I felt so proud of what we’d achieved when we launched Busy B, it was a lot of hard work by the whole team but it looks so fantastic, I cant help but grin really widley when I see a brilliant display in stores, with everything looking so bright and attractive together, looking like one ‘family’ of products.

I love the new Busy B web site too and the photography and illustrations really bring the Busy B look alove on line.

We are taking bets in the office as to whats going to sell out 1st! Theres a few contenders for the best seller, early indications show the Calendars and Diaries are racing ahead closely followed by Christmas labels and the gorgeous new garden journal. Everyone I know will be getting a Busy B pen in their stocking too!