At Busy B we put a lot of thought into our cleverly crafted designs, we really want you to love how they look and enjoy using them. Our designers get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing they have helped to make a few more busy lives simpler, better organised and more beautiful!

We start each season in a calm, clutter free design studio but it soon gets busy (aka messy!) as our product team gather together visual inspiration for new ranges. There’s lots of oohs and ahhs over magazine clippings, print outs and product samples.

Everything from a swatch of wallpaper, a piece of clever food packaging or a pretty fabric can be inspirational. We poll our customers, go shopping, talk to our sales team, research upcoming trends and find out what looks were most loved from our previous collections.

A look and feel is usually developed for each collection and the moodboards refined. It’s important to remember that a diary for work needs a very different look from a cute pack of labels. Once everything is ordered into moodboards the real design magic begins as the cover design concepts are created, debated and pasted up all over the walls in our white meeting room!

We love seeing the ranges come together but it’s a long process from concept to shelf – we are all finalising our Christmas ranges when the Spring daffodils poke their heads through the soil in March!

We love our Autumn ’14 ranges and are delighted they are finally ready to launch, we hope you like them too.